Church of England Diocese of York St. Hilda York

02. What's Happening

2019 has already seen some momentous events nationally, as we see the government trying desperately to work out how best to resolve Brexit. We have been praying regularly the Archbishop’s prayer, and as I write, the issue is still very much unresolved.

Just as in parliament, we will all have different deeply held beliefs and opinions, formed from our experiences over many years. And it’s not just Brexit, though this raises the very important and wider question for Christians: How do we continue to work and pray together maintaining unity?

The key is learning to disagree well. This sounds a contradiction in terms, but it is possible. We do so by listening with loving respect to the opinions of others, and importantly, listening to their stories of how they came to hold the views they do. It’s hard work, challenging and often painful, but vital for us as a church and a society. The Rule of St Benedict begins with the word ‘listen’. Please continue to pray that as a nation and as a community, we may be good listeners to God and to one another.  

At this the beginning of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Churches Together in Britain and Ireland request a time of dedicated prayer for the political situation in the United Kingdom. The statement reads:

‘We believe that this is a time that requires particular prayers for discernment and wisdom, as well as a time for deep listening to God’s call to live together in peace and justice.’  You can download the prayers, together with the prayer from the Archbishop of York, below:

prayers_for_our_country, PDF