Church of England Diocese of York St. Hilda York

04. Churchyard and Memorial Garden Project

Great news! Thanks to City of York Council we have been granted a 'Forgotten Corners' award to renovate our churchyard and memorial garden.  We'll keep you updated on this section of the website.

Our project was launched on Sunday 4th November, when our Hull Road Ward Councillors,  Mr Michael Pavlovic, and Ms Hilary Shepherd joined us for the service, and afterwards planted a tree in memory of those from our community who were maimed or lost their lives in conflicts past and present.

Over the autumn, our uniformed groups will be planting spring bulbs around St Hilda's as a way of marking the Centenary, and members of our congregation have planted bulbs donated by Hull Road Ward as part of brightening up our area.  We look forward to hosts of golden daffodils in the spring!


The tree work has now been done, and StonePlan are about to start making the seating area by the church.  When this is finished,  The Community Volunteers (TCV) will start on the pathway and fencing around the Memorial Garden.  We shall soon be looking for volunteers to help us make the garden a beautiful and welcoming one for our community of Tang Hall.

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