Church of England Diocese of York Barmston with Fraisthorpe

Richard's article for January's Village Voice

18 Dec 2020, 7 p.m.

ll in full spate; you’ll be reading it knowing whether or not we’ve got a deal. Whatever the outcome, throughout the whole Brexit process there have been accusations and counter-accusations of lying, spin and rumour-mongering from people on both sides. It’s been the same with COVID-19, with some living in fear and others convinced the whole thing is a hoax. Across the pond, last year’s US election was characterised by hostility and dispute; and it seems likely that some other countries deliberately seek to spread misinformation on social media to destabilise and weaken western democracies.

Misinformation is nothing new. When three wise men from the east asked King Herod where the newborn king of the Jews could be found, he sent them to Jerusalem and told them to report back so he could “go and worship the child”. Paranoid Herod, of course, had murder in mind rather than worship, but he wasn’t about to tell his foreign visitors the truth. Thankfully they had the sense to pay more attention to God’s leading – in their case a star and a dream – than to the words of a deranged monarch.

If we’re looking for direction ourselves in these strange times, the worship of almighty God has long proved to be a safe course of action, a star in a dark sky and a rock in a stormy sea. Why not come to church on Epiphany Sunday, 3<sup>rd</sup> Jan, at 9.30 am, and experience something real and dependable in a world of uncertainty and doubt?

We’ll be together again at 9.30 am each fortnight, on 17<sup>th</sup> Jan and then 31<sup>st</sup> Jan, when we welcome our Methodist friends to our joint service, with their minister the Revd Ian Greenfield as preacher.

The regulations are, of course, liable to change at short notice, and we will be following all the proper advice. Come what may, you can join in online worship from our sister church at Emmanuel Bridlington every Sunday, live on Facebook at 11.00 am, or later in the day on our YouTube channel, and on the phone (01262 412525) at any time.