Church of England Diocese of York Rudby in Cleveland

Climate Sunday

1 Oct 2021, midnight
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(From Swainby Church Newsx for October)

Climate Change

As the climate change symposium, COP 26, approaches our minds are more concentrated on the problem of what changes we must make to our lives to save the lives of future generations. We have recently seen many examples of extreme weather: hurricanes and typhoons, droughts, floods and heatwaves with unthinkably high temperatures.

So, what can be done? Governments around the world must implement the big transformational changes but there is plenty that individuals and communities can do, which though relatively small will have a significant impact. For example: turn down the heating and put on a jersey, recycle much more and re-use. Try to buy items that do not have layers of packaging. Re-plan the garden to include an untidy corner for wildlife, and plant with bees and pollinators in mind. Plant trees if you have a suitable space. Compost food waste at home to avoid a build-up of methane in landfill sites.

Climate Action Stokesley and Villages is our local action group -, and the church would like to support them and hopes to have a talk from them in the near future. For more information, the email address is [email protected] Telephone 0777 3048250.