Church of England Diocese of York Whorlton


from Robert our vicar

if we can try to pray every evening at 6:00 p.m. for about 10 minutes. It may be a silent, individual or with your family prayer in your own bedroom or kitchen using some of the sources provided below. We will see after one week if we can change this method. At the beginning, however, the most important thing is to commit ourselves to the prayer. In that way we will be united and, also, we will show solidarity with other Christians. 

The Archbishops promised some resources in the form of different styles of written prayers with a particular thematic focus for prayer each day.

The weblink to the resources is In addition, please find here a direct link to a simple printable prayer booklet which is intended to be shared with all members of your congregation - Prayer Booklet.

This material is intended simply as one tool to enable participation - the hope is that individuals and worshipping communities make these times of prayer their own. There is no desire to be directive in this – rather simply to encourage all to be united in Prayer for the Nation.