Church of England Diocese of York Lythe with Sandsend

The Afghan refugees need our help! We tell you how.

26 Aug 2021, 5:45 p.m.

Amongst the thousands of Afghan refugees who have arrived in the UK, around 30 adults and 64 children have come to Scarborough. The Rainbow Centre is doing fantastic work in co-ordinating the aid effort, and the people of Scarborough and the wider area, including us in Whitby, have risen to the challenge and donated huge amounts of clothing, toys and toiletries. Another group of refugees will arrive in about 6 weeks.

On speaking to the Rainbow Centre today (26/8/21) we were told that the very best way we could help now was to send money so that the centre could buy exactly what was most needed. To that end Rev. Malcolm will announce on Sunday that there will be collecting plates for the refugees in all the churches over the next few weeks for anyone who wants to give cash or cheques. The money will be gathered together and sent to the Rainbow Centre from the Benefice. Alternatively you can make a donation yourself online by going to the website,; click 'help us by donating'; this takes you to a dedicated virginmoney donation page; click 'make a donation; in 'leave a message' put 'for Afghan refugees from the Mulgrave Benefice'; follow the instructions to make whatever size of donation you wish.

The people of this area have already been wonderfully generous. Your help now will make the whole effort truly amazing! Thankyou.