Church of England Diocese of Sheffield St. Matthew, Sheffield


Good news! The resumption of public Masses will begin on Saturday 4th July! We are making all the necessary preparations to ensure that people can once again return to the Lord’s house and receive the sacraments - which are so vital to our life as Christians.

In order to comply with social distancing we are aware that the capacity of the Church will be severely reduced, to just over 30. I am therefore going to celebrate three Sunday Masses for the foreseeable future. Two on Sundays at 11am and 6pm as usual, and one additional Mass as a Vigil of Sunday on Saturday evening at 6pm. All Masses will be said Masses - without singing for the foreseeable future. People will be asked to leave their details with the Welcomer who will greet you at the door. People will also be asked to follow the guidelines on display in the porch.

St Matthew’s Carver Street is the Church of England parish in the heart of the City of Sheffield.We exist to worship God, to be a Christian witness in our City, and to serve all those who live, work and shop here. Everyone is welcome to attend any of our services.

Please feel free to join us any day of the week. A priest will always be available for a chat after Mass, or to hear confessions beforehand. We are always pleased to welcome new people, and hope to see you at St Matthew’s in the future.

Father Naylor

Parish Priest