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Covid Update: Re-opening news

16 Jun 2021, midnight
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As a parish we are very fortunate to have 3 different church buildings for us to use, and the PCC and whole church community took the decision early in the pandemic to prioritise use of St Bride's for the foodbank.

We are proud that Micah foodbank hasn't missed a single week of food distribution throughout this pandemic. Worryingly, the numbers being fed have more than doubled over this last year, from around 160 a week to over 350 in an average week now.

We've not been having services at St Bride's partly to keep the volunteers and users of the foodbank safe, and partly because our way of worship here is very hands on and participative, and hard to do in a Covid-secure way.

As lockdown restrictions ease, we are beginning to plan for a return to services in the building, but rest assured that we will only do this if and when it is safe to do so in a way that works for everyone. We are currently workign towards a re-opening date of Sunday 1st August, but this is only provisional at this point. You may wish to sign up to our e-newsletter for the most reliable updates: