About Us

In June 1983 the little church at Pilsdon was declared redundant and in the following year was leased by the diocese of Salisbury to the Pilsdon Community at the Manor House next door. The building is used several times a day for prayer and worship led by Members of the Pilsdon Community, who are mostly Anglican. Visitors, wayfarers,expected or unexpected, are welcomed from all over the world. Because Pilsdon is not a parish church it enjoys freedoms that other churches do not [no churchwardens & no PCC]. Pilsdon has no formal links with any of the other churches in the area which are listed here and, like the monastic Communities of old, is able to offer alternative forms of worship. The church was rebuilt in 1830, restored in 1875 and again in recent years after a fire but retains some mediaeval features. Pilsdon is remote but the building is well cared for - in need of repainting perhaps - and benefits from underfloor heating.