Church of England Diocese of Gloucester Cheltenham Emmanuel

Let us Pray - Prayers on Mothering Sunday, 2020

John Donne wrote 400 years ago “No man is an island...” but for the moment our bridges are closed.</span>

Each section may bring someone to mind. In the following silence, pray for them – pray for peace, pray for an awareness of God’s comfort, his strength. Pray for patience.

So, firstly, think of someone you know who will struggle without their usual social stimulus – it may be from workmates, sports teammates, leisure groups, or just constant casual contacts.


Now think of someone whose work has dried up and whose income no longer supports them – perhaps their employer supplied mass gatherings, or perhaps has gone out of business.

Think of someone who is self-employed, or owns a small business in these uncharted waters.


Think of a single parent, most likely a mother, responsible for more than just their own life. Perhaps they need to work, perhaps usual childcare is no longer available, perhaps they will need but cannot take a break from extra stress.


There are those whose work is essential. Medical staff and support staff. Workers in the food supply chain. Utility workers. Decision makers. Carers.


We pray for researcher throughout the world, for leaders and governments, that the virus might be controlled and halted


And ourselves.

Lord, whatever gifts I have, whatever wisdom I have, whatever compassion I have – use them and grow them. Guide me in your service, whether in something extraordinary (like Moses mother) or something more ordinary (like John, taking care of Mary). Strengthen the witness of your church in this situation without precedent. Show your power O God.