Church of England Diocese of Gloucester Cheltenham Emmanuel

Guidelines - Meeting Room

Emmanuel Church Council (the PCC) welcomes you to our premises. We want your event to go smoothly and safely, and to be a success. As a Christian Church Community we also want to remain good friends with our neighbours so we want nothing to happen on our site which could harm our mission of spreading the Good News of Jesus. The purpose of these Guidelines is to answer any questions you may have about what we provide and what we expect of users so that all these aims can be met.

Details include:

Cost of hire

What we ask you to do when using the facilities.

What you need to be aware of.

Points to bear in mind.

What we ask you not to do.


Access to the meeting room.

For full details, please click on the link below:

Meeting_Room_Guidelines_2019_09_19_c2tpsuc, PDF