Collective Worship for Michael Syddall Primary School

Here you can find a link to the latest video Collective Worship produced by St Anne's and Holy Trinity for the children, staff and families of Michael Syddall  Church of England (VA) Primary School. Collective Worship is an act of Christian worship. These videos are likely to include: an opening greeting, prayer, a story or reflection inspired by or reflecting the Christian faith, hymn or song and blessing.

Children and families are very welcome to help with Collective Worship, for example by drawing, choosing or creating a prayer, suggesting bible stories or songs, they are very welcome to do so. Contributions can be sent to [email protected]. If you are happy for something to be included please ensure the child's guardian or parent has given permission. The videos will be available publicly through a variety of online social media platforms. 

MS_Collective_Worship_04052020_Christian_Aid_Courage_Maki_wDe8QzU, MP4