Church of England Diocese of Bristol St. Cuthbert Brislington

Covid Restrictions post 19 July

21 Jul 2021, noon

Having studied the new guidance from the Church of England, the following decisions have been made with regard to our services:

· Masks – people are strongly encouraged to continue wearing face masks for services unless exempt.

· Test & Trace – people are encouraged to continue using this at services.

· Hand Sanitiser – this will continue to be made available.

· Social Distancing – people are encouraged to continue observing social distancing and to be mindful of others in this regard.

· One-way System – this will continue to operate in the church and when receiving communion.

· The Peace – people are asked to remain in their pews for The Peace and not to move around the church.  As with social distancing, please be mindful of others at this part of the service.

· Communion – this will continue to be in one kind only i.e., we will continue to offer only wafers and not the wine at communion. Communion is to be received by members of the congregation coming forward one at a time as at present.

· Children’s Corner – we will be looking to reopen this part of the church

· Hymn Singing – we are intending to gradually reintroduce hymn singing at services.  Initially, only one or two hymns will be sung and it is hoped to begin this at St Cuthbert’s on 8 August.  It is expected that people will wear their masks while singing.

All of this will be kept under review over the coming weeks and months. We will monitor how it all works in practice and make changes, as necessary. We will also follow any future guidance from either the Government or the national Church, as well as considering matters such as local infection rates.