Church of England Diocese of Bristol St. Cuthbert Brislington

Recovery Prayer Stations

2 Sep 2021, 11:15 a.m.

There will be four Prayer Stations in all, each with a different focus:

· Remembering - We need to remember and look back on the experience of the last 18 months and recall both what we have lost, and what we might also be thankful for during this time.

· Reflection - How has the experience of the last 18 months affected us and what might we want to do differently as a result?

· Recuperation - What are we going to do to restore and maintain our wellbeing?

· Reimagining - This is where we can begin to reimagine how things will be as we move forward into the future, to the ‘new normal’.

The dates and times that the church will be open are:

· Monday 6 September - 10-11am

· Wednesday 8 September – 2-3pm

· Thursday 9 September – 6-7pm

The purpose of these Prayer Stations is to help us to prayerfully process our experience of the pandemic as we take the first steps on the pathway of restoration.