Church of England Diocese of Worcester St. Michael, Worcester

COVID-safe Guidelines

The guidelines that are in place across the West Worcester Group of Churches for COVID-19 / coronavirus:

General - at all services:

1. Please observe social distancing and stay 2 metres away from other individuals or household groups. Seating will be organised to facilitate this, but do be aware of the distancing guidelines especially when entering and leaving the church.

2. Face masks: Please note that face coverings must be worn in places of worship, apart from by those in exempt groups. Masks now need to be used both for services and when entering the church for private prayer. They are not required for those leading services (except when distributing communion), reading or doing intercessions, as long as distancing can be maintained (which it can at all four of our Group churches), so you should be able to hear without problems during services. The full rules can be found here

3. Please use the hand sanitiser provided when entering and leaving.

4. Please follow instructions provided about service booklets. If you would like a PDF of a booklet so you can bring your own tablet, let the clergy know.

5. At this time we are not allowed to sing or to serve refreshments after services.

For Communion / Eucharist services at St Michael's:

1. For now the congregation will receive only the bread, which will be handled only by the priest with sanitised hands and covered during consecration.

2. As altar rails have been removed, please remain in your seat and the priest will bring bread to each person who wishes to receive.

At other churches in the West Worcester Group:

2. As altar rails have been removed, please receive standing at the altar step or ask to receive in your seat.

3. Please follow directions to ensure social distancing during the administration.

St_Michaels_Covid_Risk_Assessment_v28.09.2020, PDF