Church of England Diocese of Manchester Swinton and Pendlebury

By popular demand - Message for November

16 Nov 2020, 9 a.m.

As I write there are rumours in the newspapers and on the radio, that despite all the protestations to the contrary over the past weeks, the Prime Minister is about to announce a new national lockdown. I emphasise that at present this is simply rumour, but the same rumour seems to be spread across all the front pages, as well as on the BBC so it does seem to have some widespread currency and foundation.

We had already decided that our Christmas Fairs cannot take place in their usual form. Depending on what the Prime Minister announces we may need to revise the plans we made for some sort of replacement to the Fairs. If there is a further lockdown, as we did in March we will continue to produce a newssheet. And that will conntinue to be available by email and on www.churchnearyou as it presently is.

If our arrangements for services in church change, I will send out email messages to those who receive the  newssheet by email and also post information on our church doors and notice-boards.

I have been moved and impressed by the loyalty and discipline shown by our church community in terms of financial stewardship. The way in which Christian giving envelopes were returned after the summer lockdown was very humbling. Lots of people had clearly set their giving aside week by week. Please do the same in the coming lockdown if it comes to pass. 

As long as I am allowed to do so, you can be assured that I shall be in church morning and evening to offer Morning and Evening Prayer on behalf of the people of this parish, even if I am unable to open the church to others, and to maintain the daily offering at the altar of the offering of Christ in prayer for the church and the world. Fr Jeremy Sheehy.