Latest Coronavirus situation

There are no restrictions imposed by the government but we continue to respond to both advice from the government and advice and regulations issued by the church authorities. On Monday 19 July England went ahead with the lifting of legal coronavirus restrictions. We have received extensive advice about the way forward in terms of church life from the government's Places of Worship Taskforce and the House of Bishops and have planned our local response and implementation. 

There are now no limits on numbers permitted to gather in churches, but my suggestion is that for the meantime the seating restrictions currently in force in our churches should remain in force, so we are only using alternate rows. This has not as yet caused us to turn any away and they may help those who still feel hesitant about attendance  to feel safer. 

We have revised our Risk Assessments (as is necessary given the issuing of a new template following the 12 July announcement). Hand sanitiser will remain at the doors of church, and we will continue to quarantine service sheets for 72 hours after use before resuse. Face coverings are no longer compulsory in places of worship, but we will have still them available at the doors of the church. Holy communion continues for the moment to be in one kind (the consecrated bread) only. We have gradually restored congregational singing to our practice before the pandemic and we are gradually restoring the provision of refreshments after the 10.30am mass on Sundays (and after certain other services) but mostly currently on a self-service basis to  avoid hand contact and make people feel more secure and safe.  

 We are continuing to produce a weekly newsheet and that will be displayed outside church as usual and sent out to those who wish by email so as to give more information.