Church of England Diocese of Manchester Swinton and Pendlebury

Latest Coronavirus situation

On October 31 the Prime Minister announced a new coronavirus lockdown. Whilst full details are not yet available and there needs to be a vote in Parliament on November 4, it seems likely that communal worship in church will be banned by the government from November 5. Churches will be allowed to be open for private prayer and visits. We will give further details on this site when more information is available. 

From Friday 23 October we, along with all of Greater Manchester, went into Tier 3. But that did not close places of worship and we remained open for all our usual services. We await further information as to whether Tier 3  restrictions will affect our use of the choir to sing in church, our governance meetings, and the use of the parish hall, the Fletcher Hall. 

Churches and other places of worship have been able to be open for services as from Saturday 4 July and (as of 9 September) it was announced that the new restrictions on social gatherings as from September 14 do not cover church services. A statement from the Archbishops' said "After contact with government we hear that there is NO CHANGE on guidance on places of worship. Worship is the work of God - not a social gathering - and gives the strength to love and service.

We have completed the necessary Risk Assessments and have in place a series of mitigations from risk to add to our COVID security (eg hand sanitiser at the doors of church, seating restriction to enable social distancing, and service sheets to be quarantined for 72 hours after use before resuse). As from August 8, the government is making use of face coverings compulsory in places of worship, and we will have them available at the doors of the church, for those who do not come with their own. They do not need to be used by children or by those for whom they cause medical difficulties. They can be removed whilst leading worship and addressing the congregation. Singing by the congregation as part of services, except for the use of recorded music, remains forbidden, although a distanced choir can now sing in worship, as has happened with us.    

 We are continuing to produce a weekly newsheet and that will be displayed outside church as usual and sent out to those who wish by email so as to give more information. We have produced a July parish magazine and the following months, having not printed for April, May, and June. The November parish magazine is currently available in church.

We have now cancelled the Christmas Fair.