Church of England Diocese of Blackburn Accrington Saint Peter

Covid Restrictions Ease

22 Jul 2021, midnight
Church_news From_the_Vicar

As we will all know, the restrictions under which we have lived our lives during the Covid Pandemic were eased this week.  This has implications for worship across our United Benefice.

There will no longer be pews or seats taped off, and there will be no markings on the floor for social distancing, but hand sanitiser will continue to be available, and there will be face coverings available as people enter Church for those who wish to use them.  Worshippers will be able to choose where to sit freely.  Please do so with courtesy for anyone who wishes to continue social distancing.  Face Coverings are now not legally required to come to Church, but if the service you are attending is busy, you may want to consider wearing one to keep others safe (as we continue to be encouraged to wear them in indoor settings when there are likely to be crowds of people).  Please be assured that the Clergy will continue to wear a face covering when administering Holy Communion.

During our worship, we are once more allowed to sing.  If you wish, please feel free to join in with the hymns on a Sunday morning.  As case numbers continue to be high, though, please resist the urge to sing at full volume!

Holy Communion can once more be offered in both kinds (Host and Chalice).  Whilst this is permitted, please do not feel under any obligation to receive from the Chalice.  Communion will continue to be administered standing at the Chancel step for the Host.  If you wish to receive from the chalice, this will be available in all three Churches by the entrance to the Lady Chapel.  Please be assured that if you choose not to receive the Chalice, you are still receiving the fullness of grace from the Blessed Sacrament through receiving the Host.

Please be mindful of fellow worshippers, particularly those who are more nervous about the relaxing of regulations, and keep us all in your prayers as we navigate this new phase of the Coronavirus pandemic.