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Friday Focus 4th Sunday after Trinity 05 th July

Friday Focus 4th Sunday after Trinity 05/07/20

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This Sunday: Service of the Word led by Donna, sermon by Revd Martin Dryden, Jersey

The Order of Service with other links is attached to this email.

The service is here:

The sermon is here:

Readings for this week

Psalm 145, vv8-14: The Lord is slow to anger, and rich in love

Romans 7, vv15-25a: We know the right thing to do: why do we do the wrong thing instead?

Matthew 11, vv16-19, 25-30: Come to me all who are weary….. and I will give you rest

What's on - What's gone

Sat 4th July: 10h30 Church Council meeting at Gratot to consider when/how we restart 'live' services in church

Please pray for a wise outcome from this meeting as we attempt to balance the issues:

• if we reopen now but terminate the online ministry we will appear to 'dump' the majority.

• if we don't reopen now we may frustrate both the enthusiastic and the spiritually starving.

Please pray for wisdom for our leaders and Council as we meet to seek a creative way to keep the church together, and also to move us forward.

TUES: 20h00 Gratot Lead Ministers Skype meeting - please notify us of any needs or prayer requests.

Next Sunday is TRINITY 5

Service of the Word (podcast) led by David and Mary Jackson

Please pray for our Church

Lord Jesus Christ,

thank you for calling us to be a Church under the banner of your Name:

may we look to you today

and find clear vision for tomorrow.

May our life together bring you glory,

as you make of us a living invitation

to enter the joy of your Kingdom. Amen.

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