Church of England Diocese of St.Edmundsbury & Ipswich Claydon and Barham

Being Church during the Coronavirus Pandemic

During this period we must try to keep in contact with those who we normally worship with as well as the community around us

If you know people in Church who do not get our weekly notice sheet (see side panel for this) please print it off and pop it through their door. If they have access to email but have never signed up to this service please encourage them to email ([email protected]) or phone me (01473 831079) with their email address and I will ensure that they get an email each week.

These are very strange times during which we will try to maintain as much normality as we can and I encourage you to keep in contact via phone, text or email with those whom you would normally chat to face to face. Please try to think of those you would normally speak to at Church or in the street and give them a call especially those who live alone. If you do live alone please just pick up the phone and call someone and say "I have just called for a chat because I am a bit bored/lonely". We know its not a very British thing to do but we need to start changing how we normally behave.

if you are able to shop or run other errands just pop a note through your neighbours' doors where you think they may appreciate just knowing someone is willing and able to offer help should the need arise. We have used this and had several messages of appreciation from people saying they had no needs at the moment but it was comforting to know there was someone to turn to should they need to in the future.

Attached is a prayer for the Nation Booklet for your use during the current lockdown

Sadly our Church building which is normally open 7 days a week is currently locked in accordance with government and Church of England advice

We encourage you to turn to the TV or the many services that are being live streamed on-line


20.11.08_Prayer_the_Nation_Booklet_1, PDF