Church of England Diocese of St.Edmundsbury & Ipswich Naughton

Eco Church up-date for the Bildeston Benefice

29 Mar 2021, 9:45 a.m.

Update 2021

In February I held an online meeting with several people around the Benefice to talk about the Eco Church project. Looking at how becoming an Eco Church can help us live in a more environmentally friendly way, as a church community and as individuals. I am arranging a prayer week, beginning on Monday 12th to Friday 16th April, when you can make a pledge to pray for 30min, an hour or more during that week. You can pray in your own homes or wherever you wish, where you are safe. You could join together on Skype, WhatsApp or zoom, with friends if you like. Go outside if the weather is good.

You can make your pledge to prayer online at

You do have to log in and make a password, or just let me know and I’ll add you on. The idea is that we have people praying through out the day. Each day at 2pm you can join me online for a chat and some prayer time together.

I will send out prayer resources nearer the time and each day we will concentrate on a different theme for caring for creation and the Eco Church project. Prayer comes in many forms so be imaginative, write your own prayer or poem to God, draw or paint a picture, make something, sing or dance.

I have attached with your newsletter, a leaflet from GreenChristian, with many ideas for you to think about and act upon, over Easter.

Don’t forget to make your prayer pledge.

God Bless,

Teresa Lester, Lay Reader and Eco Church Leader for the Benefice

Please contact me on 01449 744120 or [email protected] if you have any questions.

Eco Church: Working together to Net Zero

Recently I joined an online conference for churches to learn how Eco church can help us cut carbon emissions and care for creation. The urgency from our changing climate shows us that we have the opportunity to make a difference if we just make a few changes to our lifestyles. There are two things we should do less of or try to avoid altogether – using fossil fuels and eating meat. As since the 1970’s these have caused 60% of habitats to be wiped out.

So, we all need to act, and Eco church can help us. What do you love about nature, and what about our world do you really care about?

The way the ‘West’ lives, is causing a problem by producing high carbon emissions while the poorer countries are living with these consequences, climate change. So, it is unjust; an issue of social justice. It is important that we recognise we need to change; we need to speak out and we need to do something.

What we are doing here within the Bildeston benefice?

I have started at St. Mary Magdalene church at Bildeston and I will be looking at all the parishes, seeing what they are doing and how they can each progress to become an Eco Church.

Bildeston church is on its way to its first award and these are a few of the things we have started doing -

1. We have set aside part of the old graveyard to grow freely, encouraging wildlife and we will be planting some wildflowers in the spring.

2. We are looking into reducing/offsetting our carbon footprint.

3. We are reducing our waste and buy ethically.

Next year, I hope to hold an ‘Eco Church’ open day for the whole benefice.

Here are a few ideas to enjoy a green Christmas

· Send e-cards / have a communal card at church and work / recycle your Christmas cards or use them for gift tags.

· Try to buy local, fairly traded, or second-hand presents

· Make your own presents and re-use wrapping paper

· Put your Christmas lights on a timer or have them on for a shorter time.

I hope these are useful and help us to grow greener together.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining our Eco church teams across the benefice, please phone or email me.

God bless,

Teresa Lester

01449 744120 [email protected]