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Jesus Ministry

What is Jesus Ministry?

Jesus Ministry is a name given to a way of thinking and living out the teaching of Jesus that practically enables us to live supernatural lives and operate in the supernatural power and revelation of the Kingdom of God.

At its heart Jesus Ministry is about re-shaping our materialistic worldview and rediscovering that we live in a world where the invisible supernatural realm that is populated by God himself, angels and the demonic armies of Satan are profoundly intertwined with our every day lives and experiences, conflicts, difficulties and victories.

Jesus’ own ministry was to extend the Kingdom of God by destroying all the works of the evil one and we, who are born again of the Spirit, have a spiritual inheritance that enables us to walk in the very same life, authority and power of Jesus Christ.

What’s been its impact on us?

In 2007 Barbara and I went on an introductory Jesus Ministry 3 day conference. As the years have progressed it has changed our lives dramatically.

We have been thrilled to rediscover our authority in Christ, our God-given capacity to move in spiritual revelation and power. By embracing biblical truths in practical ways with simplicity we have been able to minister in such a way that has changed the lives of others as they too see that they too can hear from God in revelation and so see their own lives changed.

We are far from the finished article but have loved the change so far!

How does Jesus Ministry help the church?

The different aspects of Jesus Ministry aim to help today’s church to:

• Hear and discern the voice of the Lord and the way of the Spirit

• Discern the deceptive and hidden works of the evil one and to defeat them

• Train us to know who we are in Christ and to live daily in the extraordinary supernatural inheritance we have in Christ and manifest Christ’s victory in practical ways in our everyday lives

• Enable us to pull down and demolish strongholds in our own lives that hinder us knowing God and being like him

• Enable us to lead others into greater levels of freedom to express Christ’s life through them

We believe that the biblical truths expressed through Jesus Ministry act as a foundation upon which almost every expression of the Kingdom needs to be founded. Jesus Ministry is not a system, it is not a method and it is not a course or a formula but a reshaping of the very way we think (our attitudes and emotions) so that we live genuinely supernatural lives in the power of the Holy Spirit, for Jesus’ sake and for the glory of God.