Self-isolation activities for families

During this time of self-isolation and social distancing, why not turn to the internet to learn a new skill as a family, get fit or immerse yourself in something completely new. (Please copy and paste any link into your web browser)

Exercise (for any age!)

PACT (parents and children together) fundraising (sign up to start in May) (there is a small fee to register)

Joe Wicks The Body Coach - 

Keeping up with faith

Roots -

Scripture Union -

Children’s learning zone

Manchester children's university -

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">English heritage -</span>

Learn to play chess -

Science Museum -

The Natural History Museum -

British Science Association -

James Dyson Foundation -

Story craft Reading for a story -

Story telling with ABC to read -

Getting close to nature

Wildlife watch -

UK wildlife trust activities - 

Eden at Home -

National Geographic -

UK wildlife trust activities -

UK wildlife trust web cams -

CJ Wildlife Live Webcams -

Wildlife Webcams from around the world -

Marwell Zoo webcams -

Panda Cam Edinburgh -

Virtual Whipsnade Zoo -

Virtual London Zoo -

Osprey cam -

Scottish wildlife trust -

Volcano Live - 

Get crafting

Upcycled craft for kids -

Canon -

or maybe visit a museum together...

Visit a museum -