Meneage Messenger Community News

April 2023

Important Changes to The Meneage Messenger

As mentioned last month we have increased our coverage to include St Keverne parish thus making the magazine truly the Meneage Messenger and widening our circulation area.

At the last Steering Group Meeting we discussed the issue of increasing the cover price, given the fact that it has not increased since 2011, and was a known possibility since before Covid. Sadly, everything is costing more, particularly paper and printing, but we proved during the pandemic that we could keep the magazine going with an increased distribution through PDFs (via email), provided we maintained our advertising revenue. However, our circulation has not recovered completely and also, we have lost some advertisers. So, we shall be increasing the cover price to £1 from the May edition and this will be maintained whether the issue is 16 or 20 pages. The actual printing cost is currently £1.00 per copy.

The PDF (colour of course!) version will stay at £5 per annum as there are no printing costs. Should you wish to take out a PDF subscription, just email [email protected] with the email address to which the issues should be sent, and confirm that you have sent £5 by bank transfer to The Meneage Messenger 30-94-07 A/c number 00376032 quoting your surname and ‘PDF’.

We hope that our readers will still think this is value for money. We would welcome any comments from our readers!

The Messenger Steering Group

13 October 2022

We are very pleased to be able to pass on this message from the The Meneage Messenger Steering Group:

You will all be happy that the Messenger continues!  No less that four Messenger-readers have stepped up to help with editing, so we will be going on ahead with the November issue.

October 2022

Is this the final issue of The Meneage Messenger?

Following the retirement of one of the editors, who was also Treasurer, The Meneage Messenger enters an era of uncertainty and will be unable to continue unless more volunteers come forward.

More people are needed to share the task of editing the magazine each month. This involves putting together contributions which come in from many different sources. With more people, no one person would need to commit to editing the magazine every month. This is the most urgent need but there are other tasks, including the Treasurer role that need covering. Even if you have no interest in this yourself, please do pass the word on to anyone else you feel might be interested.

The Meneage Messenger is currently a 16-page community publication, covering the parishes of Manaccan, St Anthony, St Martin and Mawgan, but often covers adjacent parishes. It seeks to give news and information on every sort of event and activity in the area, including those at village halls, churches, clubs etc. There are 11 editions in the year (December and January are combined) and it is published as a black and white paper copy available in shops, pubs and churches in the coverage area. It is also available as a PDF in colour to subscribers by email.

It is currently put together in Publisher (part of the Office 365 suite of programmes). None of these details are set in stone and a new editorial team will not only have the support and help of the present team but will also have freedom to make changes as appropriate. All the people involved in producing this magazine do so in a voluntary capacity.

If you are interested in joining the team, you need to have computer (preferably Office 365) and organisational skills, time available during at least four months of the year. There is a dedicated laptop belonging to the Meneage Messenger Steering Group, so you don’t need to use your own computer.

If you would like further information on any role in the team, please email the Messenger Steering Group by email to [email protected]  with your contact details).

The Steering Group would like to reassure advertisers and subscribers that the finances of the magazine are in good shape, with enough in the bank to be able to refund any subscriptions (advertising, PDF and postal) already paid in advance, should we not be able to continue to publish after the October issue.