Church of England Diocese of Truro St. Merryn

St Merryn Church Belfry Restoration

28 Oct 2020, 7:30 p.m.
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St Merryn Parish Church Council commissioned an inspection and report on the condition of the Belfry and Bells in January 2019.

Overall the belfry, bell frame and bells are in good condition however the bell installation requires a heavy overhaul.

The bells were installed in 1928 cast by Gillett & Johnston a foundry of repute. The tonal quality is unchanged from 1928. Whilst the installation has been maintained and serviced they now need this overhaul. It includes all the moving parts, bearings, wheels, clappers and to preserve the bells three of them need to be demounted and turned by 90 degrees to cater for wear. Bell parts will have to be removed to Nicholson’s works in Dorset for refurbishment.

Additional work recommended consisting of rust treatment to mountings, replacement of steel slider restraints and enamelling of other fixtures and fittings has been completed locally by self help volunteer labour from the church.

Several quotations for the outstanding specialised work have been obtained. The total required to complete the works is £16,000.

The Church does not have sufficient funds for the work and consequently the PCC have launched a public appeal for funds.

The bells are in regular use and welcome the congregation to church. They are a special feature at weddings and mark individuals passing at funerals. They are valued by visitors, the local village community and friends of St Merryn Church.

If you can help please contact the St Merryn Churchwarden Moira Gill Tel: 01841 520418 or see Moira at any of our services.