Church of England Diocese of Truro Tywardreath

Day 5 of Lockdown

27 Mar 2020, 5:45 p.m.

Dear Friend,

Day 5 of lockdown as I write this. I have rarely been so busy with admin to do with the constant streams of guidance that sometimes change more than once in day emanating from central government, the church at Westminster and from Truro diocese. These are confusing times to say the least.

The current directions from the church are that all church buildings are to remain locked, not even clergy allowed to enter, which in turn means more admin as we seek guidance from Ecclesiastical Insurance that protects us when things go wrong. It looks as if we will lose Easter altogether which pains me a great deal. Part of our joy at these great festivals is the coming together for our most holy feast, celebrated over two thousand years, but our safety must come first. That is what Jesus would want, I am sure.

I am currently under formal orders to remain in The Parsonage, not to visit in person, not to wander around, not to take funerals as that sad privilege might arise. This is frustrating because naturally I want to reach out with words of reassurance about God’s undying and eternal love. We have been working on devising YouTube and Facebook communications, updating the websites at ‘A Church Near You’ but we are also very aware that not everyone has or wants access to the internet-driven mass media, hence this written letter. Please feel free to share this with those that you know might be interested.

Remember I am free to talk with you on the phone or by email, contact details at the top of this letter. Please let me have your preferred contact details, phone number and email address, etc. I am praying for a spirit of concord and optimism for us all. Thank you to those who are able to volunteer more active help. This is the love of God in action under the direction of the Holy Spirit who will guard you and protect you in this work of inestimable value.

Your friend and parish priest,

Father David