For relatively remote country churches like Morwenstow,  events of wide public interest tend to happen only occasionally. However, this past couple of months they’ve been rather like buses, in that no sooner does one occur, than another one arrives shortly afterwards.

But setting this passing observation to one side, it was a cause for celebration for everyone associated with the church when the Bishop of Truro visited us to confirm local people in May.  Then within a matter of weeks, in keeping with tradition, our church was the focal point for the start of the Parish’s Patronal Festival celebrations on 24th June. Our guest preacher at this year’s  Festival Service was the Rev. Shirley Henderson, Team Rector of the Hartland Coast Team Ministry, whose ‘patch’ encompasses Hartland, Welcombe, Clovelly, Woolsery, Bucks Mills, Parkham, Buckland Brewer, Alwington and Lundy Island.

Also as part of the Festival, the church provided the venue for the Launceston Male Voice Choir concert on 29th June.

Other recent highlights have been the Baptisms of Otis Moore on 15th June and of Lawrence Cook on 22nd June.

As usual at this time of year, there has been a notable increase in the number of visitors from all over the world who make their way to our Parish to spend time in our beautiful church. We welcome them and are grateful for the encouragement they provide – as well as for their donations and purchases of booklets and postcards which help us to maintain the building and churchyard.

Talking of maintenance,  a bough from one of the sycamore trees along the top wall of the churchyard was blown down early in June, fortunately just missing the Caledonia figurehead replica. Then, about a week later, a massive rain and hail storm gouged a channel through the stone chippings on the main path, blocked the drain and flooded the porch. However, someone happened to be on hand at the time to prevent the water going further into the building.

Morwenstow Parish Council’s  Annual Parish Meeting took place on 4th June, at which our Parochial Church Council (PCC) Hon. Secretary,  Joy Topham, presented a report of Morwernstow Church’s activities and challenges over the past year, and thanked the Parish Council for its support.

We conclude by congratulating our friends at Shop Methodist Chapel on the occasion of their 100th anniversary, and look forward to maintaining and strengthening our close ties with them and their colleagues at Woodford over the next 100 years.

Bob Pirie