Church of England Diocese of Truro North Petherwin

A layman's point of view

24 Feb 2021, 1 a.m.
This brand new feature gives the opportunity for all  laymen and women in our community to give a point of view on topics with a strong religious bias.

The February topic is a comment on God's response to prayers by groups, large or small.

We are well into the month of February and, with death and infection rates dropping markedly and vaccinations being administered at an extremely rapid rate, it is undoubtedly a time for renewed hope that we may at last be starting to win our battle against the terrible Covid-19 virus.

I would imagine that more prayers have been said by more people than ever before for this dreadful virus to get out of our lives. So we can safely assume, can we not, that the incredible success rate of the magnificent biochemists across the world and the results of the phenomenal dedication of doctors, nurses, carers and all other key workers, is truly an answer to all our prayers?

Spurred on by just having completed an excellent Prayer Course run by the Rev'd Nicki Farr, it has got me thinking about the power of praying in groups, large or small.

If only one or two people had prayed for a successful response to all of the scientific research and care undertaken over the last year then would the response of our Lord have been the same? 

Clearly a hypothetical question, which raises a lot of other questions, without any way of coming to an answer, but one worth thinking about don't you think?

Best wishes,

Ken (Co-editor).

To contribute please e.mail your point of view to the church through our "Get in Touch" page on this website. If any amendments are required you will of course be sent the final copy before publishing.