Church of England Diocese of Truro North Petherwin

Book Review

2 Apr 2021, 9 p.m.
For our first review, I will introduce you to a superb, large scale book published jointly by the Scripture Union and Faraday Kids.

It is entitled 'The Book of Wonders - exploring the great Mysteries of the Universe'. As the name of one of the publishers suggests, yes, it is aimed primarily at young people but, to be sure, it makes excellent reading for adults too.

Beautifully presented from front cover to back, it begins with the very basics of atoms and their composition of electrons, neutrons and protons, through the table of elements and onto the visible essentials of life: liquids, solids and air. It couldn't proceed without what I rightly or wrongly say is a sideways nod towards the 'big bang' theory and then goes into a wonderfully illustrated and detailed study of the creation of the Universe, Galaxies, stars, our Solar System, space exploration and thence onto our ability to land onto planet Earth and take off into the seemingly endless voids of space.

Of course, we then move seamlessly into the beginning of life on our own perfectly created and situated planet and yes, the introduction of human kind and modern day animals, insects, sea creatures and much more, before concentrating on the use of our God given attributes such as hearing, eyesight, taste, touch and smell, how we use these attributes to advance our way of life. This is the `Garden of Eden` bit, although the inference is of a much longer time scale than as described in the Holy Bible.

There is much more to this book than I have mentioned but throughout there is strong reference to God, the creator of all things.

I highly recommend this book, both for reference and for cover to cover reading. You can buy it through Amazon but it would be so good to enquire first at the Christian Bookshop in Launceston.