Church of England Diocese of Truro North Petherwin

A Layman's Point of View - April

6 Apr 2021, 11:45 p.m.

Chronic! What does that word mean? For much of my life I have used the word to describe something very bad in a singular, one off sense. For example, in my football supporter's parlance, I describe my team's performance this evening as being "something chronic" (add my native backstreet, suburban accent to get the drift!) . Yet, looked up in a variety of dictionaries, the meaning is more accurately described as 'continuing for a long time' or 'constantly recurring'. In medical situations you can also add '(a disease) developing slowly'. So, although there may be some football teams that this could possibly apply to (!), I somehow think I was wrong in applying it to just one team's performance in one match this evening!

It should be emphasized that 'chronic' is not just a word used to describe disease or disability. There is also poverty, depravation, depression and loneliness, to name but a few.

Few people manage to go through life without experiencing something 'chronic'. I liken it to being on an unending slippery slope for which help is needed to arrest the fall.

Most of us have the joy of a loving family to turn to for that help and for reassurance. There are loyal friends and good neighbours, there are innumerable help groups of as many persuasions as one can think of, there is your doctor, there is prayer and there is the Church, through which God's help is willingly given.

But please, do not face it alone.

With all good wishes,

Ken (Co Ed).

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