Church of England Diocese of Truro North Petherwin

A layman's point of view for July

14 Jul 2021, 3 a.m.


There is a battle going on, between the proponents and detractors of Christianity.

So, what's new? This battle has by been ranging, often with frightening consequences, ever since our Lord Jesus Christ was tried and sentenced to death by Pontius Pilot in the early 1st century AD. Indeed, take the death of Jesus out of the defining raison d'etre and it can easily be seen from the Bible, that this battle has been raging since the earliest days of humanity. So, what's different about today's battle?

In our world of TV, radio, internet and social media, the arguments and opposing opinions and, frighteningly, weapons (including cyber attacks and brainwashing) can be easily and quickly fired across the globe in a matter of nano seconds.

As Christians, assembled and often cowering on our side of the battlefield of proponents versus detractors, we must be aware of this and take full advantage of it and not defeated by it.

I am not suggesting for one moment that we follow the route of any form of violent or military action, but please ask yourself this challenging question, "What can I do, which doesn`t involve any form of violence or military action, real or cyber, to take full advantage of the incredible tools of modern communication to defend and promote the Christian Faith?" A few minutes thought, I am sure, will come up with some answers!