Church of England Diocese of Truro North Petherwin

Our wonderful Community Harvest Thanksgiving Service

6 Oct 2021, noon
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An account of the Community Harvest Thanksgiving held at St Paternus Church, North Petherwin.

On Friday 1st October at 7pm, a large congregation gathered at St Paternus to give
thanks to the annual harvest of food in our community. An account of the service is
given below.

Despite the local Covid-19 situation, a gratifyingly large congregation attended what
proved to be an enjoyable and stimulating Community Harvest Thanksgiving at
St Paternus Church, North Petherwin.

The service was led by Rev`d Alison Hardy and began with a sequence of popular
harvest hymns, `Come Ye Thankful People Come`, `God Whose Farm is all Creation`
and `We Plough the Fields and Scatter the Good Seed on the Land`. These were
interspersed with a Bible reading by Daisy Dinnis and two poems, one by Sandra
Smale and the other by Ken Potter.

Led by Rev`d Alison Hardy, the receiving, welcome and blessing of the Maxworthy Quilt took place, followed by an interesting talk by Toni Cox, supported by Eva Paynter and Val Uglow, on the background and team hand production of the quilt which was begun at Petherwingate Chapel, thence the group met around the farmhouse kitchen table at Winsdon, the then home of Eva Paynter, and by the time the quilt was made, the group were meeting at Maxworthy Chapel.

There then followed prayers led by Rev`d Alison Hardy and the collection in a wheelbarrow of gifts for the local community/food bank.

There then followed three hymns, `For the Beauty of The Earth`, `To Thee, O Lord Our Hearts We Raise` and `How Great Thou Art`, interspersed with a reading by Terry Faull and then a Bible reading by Rev`d Alison Hardy, who closed the service with a Blessing.

Three candles were lit to commend the following lives:
Ann Gubbin, who played an important role in the making of the quilt;
Joan Merrett, who's ashes were interred this week in the churchyard;
Revd George Darby, who passed away suddenly recently and who was curate
in our benefice at one point.

Our thanks go to the bellringers, Jo the church organist, those who decorated and
cleaned the church and to all those who supported the evening and gave to the church, St Petrocs and The Foodbank.

Transcripts of the two poems by Sandra Smale and Ken Potter, as well as the reading by Terry Faull, can be obtained by pressing the rectangular Download button.

PDF copies of both this account, which incudes a photo of the Maxworthy quilt and of the wheelbarrow full of gifts donated by the congregation, can be obtained on request by emailing [email protected].