The History of our Parish Church - The Dedication

The dedication of the church is to St Paternus—thought by the Victorians to have been the Bishop of Avranches in France who died in 575. There is also a Welsh St Padern who some have suggested. However, it seems more likely to have been a more relevant and local Paternus. St Constantine, who converted to Christianity around 587, was said to have been the son of Paternus, King of Cornwall. The church at Milton Abbot is dedicated to St Constantine, and the dedication at South Petherwin like North Petherwin is also to St Paternus, so it seems likely that they were local figures of authority who were early converts to Christianity. Their area of authority probably stretched across the area including the two Petherwins.

Researched and written by Caroline Stone

A booklet containing more detail is available for purchase in the church or by contacting the churchwardens.

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