The History of our Parish Church - The Holy Well

The Holy Well in the fields below the church belonging to Glebe Farm is a well first mentioned in the accounts of 1496-7 when the Churchwardens paid for iron bars to be made for it. In 1517-18 three shillings and four pence were paid to Thomas Coffyn for “making the well”; that equates to about a week to ten days of work. This was perhaps for a structure to go over the well and keep the water clean. The well was extensively restored in 1849, and that date is carved on the back. It was again dug out and restored in 1999 as a Millennium project. Children from the local primary school attend a Patronal Festival in the Church every year and process afterwards to the Holy Well with banners made by pupils as a Millennium Project. The well is not very deep, but the water remains even in a drought. Water from the well is used for baptisms not in the Church.

The photograph of the well was taken after it`s reconstruction in 1998.

Researched and written by Caroline Stone

A booklet containing more detail is available for purchase in the church or by contacting the churchwardens.

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The_Holy_Well_Reconstructed_19981, JPG