Church of England Diocese of Norwich Starston

This Week

10 Oct 2020, 10 a.m.
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This week's highlights:

Services continue through zoom, and at least one church is open each week for a live service. This week the main service is at 9.30am at Dickleburgh. Please ring the Rector 01379 676921 for the Zoom link.

Download the pewslip for details of the week, or contact the Benefice Administrator.

A Message from Our Rector, Sarah

One of the highlights for me this week has been the invitation to a question and answer session for year 6 at Dickleburgh school. They are learning about Holy Communion and it was wonderful to hear the interest and variety of questions.

There are many different aspects that one can draw from through the liturgy of Holy Communion as we remember how the amazing love of God brough good and positive things through the horrors of Christ’s death through the resurrection atonement for sin, promise of eternal life and the assurance that we are joined together into the family of God through the body of Christ.

The children asked me why there were so many different names to describe Holy Communion such as the Last Supper,Eucharist, Mass etc. This of course points down to the many different interpretations Christians have had over the years. Some

believe it to be a sacrament whereas other would understand it simply as an act of remembering. Whatever is believed it still remains an essential part of Christian worship and is very special as we are given the assurance that Our Lord lives within us which inspires and encourages us to be channels of God’s love to our families, friends, each other and the world.

Living through this pandemic there have of course been times when not everyone has been able to receive the elements of bread and wine during the Holy Communion service. This I know has brought much grief. However, as we continue to travel through this pandemic with the possibility of more online services I hope and pray that you will still feel spiritually nourished and fed. When I preside at Holy Communion through zoom services and receive the elements of bread and wine please

remember that I do not just receive it for myself but hold you all in my hearts too as we are all joined together in love through Christ and are God’s family.

The number of Covid-19 cases has risen very quickly this week which is rather alarming. Despite this we do have our Christian faith to help and sustain us and we have one another too. If you are feeling worried about anything or just want a chat then please do contact myself, another member of the ministry team or a trusted friend. I certainly would be really pleased to hear from you.

May God bless you this week, keep you safe and well.