Parish Ministry and a Clock!


… where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. St. Matthew’s Gospel 6.21

St Mary’s Ministry

St Mary Magdalene is a unique and ancient church of great historical value. It is also of great spiritual value for all people in this town. Worship has taken place here since 1524 when the original church was completed. Worship has continued ever since through the dedication of local worshippers and others who generously support our church. Worship continues today, even during Covid19 LOCKDOWN, in our own homes through all those who join with us in heart and mind and prayer, and through the continued ministry available online and from our priests.

It is this continued ministry which is precious. We firmly believe we need the presence of godly ministry right in the midst of our lives and the community of this wonderful town. Together with all denominations and churches in Launceston, the ministry of believers united in prayer and purpose is a powerful force and great blessings for all. Try praying, and see what we mean!

Sustaining ministry is not cheap. A priestly ministry free at the point of need for anyone and everyone in this town is not without considerable cost to maintain. If you value the continuance of a priestly presence and ministry for all, at all crossroads in life, please consider giving generously through a donation to our fund. The ministry costs for St Mary Magdalene in 2020 are £32,200.

St Mary’s Clock

The historic clock in the tower of St Mary’s Church is an asset to the whole town of Launceston. However, it is many years since it was last renovated, and it has fallen into a sad state of disrepair. The unique clock mechanism has stopped, and the two clock faces need a lot of work to restore them to their former glory. The church has been raising funds and receiving donations for the work that is now needed, but we are still a long way from raising the estimated £55,000 required. Your donation will help to restore this fine old clock so it can serve the community for many years to come.

Donations: Please Support our Ministry and our Clock

You can donate right now using one of the buttons on the website for St Mary’s Ministry or for the restoration of the Clock.

For help or further questions, please contact the Parish Office: [email protected]