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This Week

18 Oct 2020, 10 a.m.
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This week's highlights:

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A Message from Our Rector, Sarah

I had the great opportunity once again of being able to lead a zoom session with the children this week about Harvest. Idecided to base my talk around two different characters. One was the ‘Big friendly giant’ (BFG) and the other was ‘Joseph’ and the multi-coloured dream coat.

The two characters were very different but the common thread that united them was dreams. In the story of the Big friendly Giant he collected all dreams, storing all the good ones in his cave and destroying the bad ones. He returns all the good dreams to the children so that they had a good night’s sleep. Joseph too had dreams but unlike the BFG he did not catch them but had his own dreams which predicted his future and he also had the gift of interpreting other people’s dreams.

Even though very different characters both the BFG and Joseph were able to bring good things out of dreams in order to bring goodness to others through the giving and sharing of their time and talents. This of course is relevant not only to harvest but also to our everyday life and work as well.

Many spiritual guides recommend that we allow ourselves to ‘dream dreams’ as this will put us in touch with what our deepest longings and desires are. It may not always be possible for our dreams to come true. However by recognising what they may be and offering them to God in prayer we discover makes us ‘tick’, which is rewarding and gives us the opportunity to learn new things and meet new people to share our time and talents with.

As we come to the darker colder days of winter I pray and hope that you can develop your deepest longings creatively and with enjoyment. May all your dreams and longings then come true!

May God bless you this week and keep you safe and well.