This Week

19 Sep 2020, 10 a.m.
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This week's highlights:

Four of our churches are now open for private prayer on Wednesdays.

Services continue through zoom, and at least one church is open each week for a live service. This week the main service is at 9.30am at Dickleburgh. Please ring the Rector 01379 676921 for the Zoom link.

Download the pewslip for detailsof the week, or contact the Benefice Administrator.

A Message from Sarah, The Rector

The lady with the lamp.

Currently I am starting to read a book by Rowan Williams entitled ‘Luminaries: Twenty lives that illuminate the Christian way’. The book reflects on twenty Christians whose lives illuminated and has inspired many. Over the next few weeks I will then be sharing with you some of my thoughts about the various people within this book.

This week then I would like to share with you about Florence Nightingale who has always been a great figure in history that I have admired. Florence of course was the founder of modern nursing and as Rowan mentions in his book her skill was not just about how she developed the practical side of nursing, seeing the reality of things and improving it for the sake of caring and loving others.

Florence did much to improve the nursing care of people which was at times was an incredibly difficult job. Her energy and dedication was a vocation though to care for the gravely ill and sick. The skills of nursing have improved and developed even more since Florence’s day but it is still a vocation which is founded upon care and love for those who are vulnerable through sickness.

This year of course the NHS and in particular nursing staff have been very much in the forefront of many people’s lives as they have cared, supported and encouraged those who are gravely ill and dying due to Covid-19. Their work and care for others has been absolutely amazing as well as taking the risk of catching the virus themselves. As the number of people with Covid-19 are rising once again it is important to keep remembering and praying for the dedication and commitment of all NHS staff and especially the nursing staff who like Florence through their care of others give a little light to people in very difficult situations.

This pandemic is proving to be more prolonged than was originally thought with more social restrictions in place. We must keep positive and I hope that thinking about great people such as Florence Nightingale will help to inspire you. A lady who was willing to face the grim reality of things because she wanted to care and love the most vulnerable. She was of course known as ‘The lady of the lamp’ who in a very practical way was a channel and light of God’s love to the sick and dying.

May God bless you this week,