This Week

24 Mar 2021, 10 a.m.
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This week's highlights:

Wednesday 24th March: 7.30pm Lent Course Meeting ID: 833 8835 1153 Passcode: 603088

Thursday 25th March: 7.30pm Alpha Course - contact John Adlam (01379 741999) for joining details

Friday 26th March: 8pm Compline Meeting ID: 859 6065 9748 Passcode: 462368

Sunday 28th March: Palm Sunday 

9.30am Holy Communion - Readers and prayers from Dickleburgh Meeting ID: 816 7920 4488 Passcode: 866351

11am Morning Service with John Adlam call (01379 741999) for joining details

Monday 29th March: 8pm Compline with meditation Meeting ID: 812 7970 9406 Passcode: 107165

Tuesday 30th March: 2pm Guided Meditation Meeting ID: 901 745 1483 Passcode: 7HWk4r

7.30pm Pulham Market - Bible Study Contact Jaap Biersteker (01379 608539) for joining details

8pm Compline with meditation Meeting ID: 838 5845 8787 Passcode: 190661

Wednesday 31st March: 7.30pm Lent Course followed by night prayer Meeting ID: 859 8680 6828 Passcode: 536448

Thursday 1st April: 7.30pm Maundy Thursday Service - contact John Adlam (01379 741999) for joining details

Friday 2nd April: 2pm Good Friday Service -Contact Norman Steer (01379 854245) for joining details

Saturday 3rd April: 7.30pm Service of Light Meeting ID: 901 745 1483 Passcode: 7HWk4r

A Message from our Rector: 

I have some wonderful memories of being in differing processions for various faith events. One of them was leading the music
for a group of people in the Faith and Light group, which is an ecumenical Christian group for people with disabled children. The
practicalities of playing a keyboard and moving at the same time were overcome by someone pushing me in a spare wheelchair
which was rather strange but also fun! The reason for the procession was to walk from where we were staying to the shrine at
Walsingham to experience the pilgrim journey that many people have undertaken in the past. As the procession began there
was a sense of ‘togetherness’ as we journeyed together along the road and the singing helped to do this.
This coming Sunday of course is Palm Sunday and usually there is a procession at the beginning of the service to celebrate and
remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. It may be that the singing is not always completely in unison and yet that in many ways
does not really matter as the important factor is that we are all worshipping and rejoicing in how Christ is our King.
It is unfortunate that this year we will sadly not be able to celebrate Palm Sunday as fully as we normally do. To celebrate Palm
Sunday, you may like to make your own Palm Cross or if you have one from previous years then you could perhaps put it up in
your window or on your mantlepiece.
As we travel through Holy Week together there will be an opportunity to reflect once again over Jesus’ last week and relate His
experience to our own lives as well. If you can then please join any of the zoom services or if you are not able to join them but
would like the service sheet and reflections sent to you then please let me know.
Jesus’s last week on earth showed how quickly things change from the triumphant entry of His entry into Jerusalem to His rejection,
trial, crucifixion and then the joy of His resurrection. The nature of life very often is a complete mixture of experiences
where there is celebration, goodness and then suddenly sadness and suffering. That has been many people’s experience over
the last year particularly. The joy of our Christian faith is that despite the sufferings and horrors of this world there is always the
hope of new beginnings and new life and we are assured of this through the experience of Jesus’ life, death, and
May you have a blessed Holy week and let us pray and hope that we will all be able to be together in person on a more regular
basis very soon.

God bless.