Church of England Diocese of Norwich Dickleburgh with Langmere and Shimpling

This Week

7 Jan 2021, 10 a.m.
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This week's highlights:

Sunday 10th January 2021: 9.30am Holy Communion - Pulham St Mary
10am All Age Worship - Pulham Market
Monday 11th January: 8pm Compline
Tuesday 12th January: 8am Morning Prayer
1930 Pulham Market - Prayers Contact Jaap Biersteker (01379 608539) for details
Wednesday 13th January: 10.15 Morning Prayer at Dickleburgh
Friday 15th January: 8pm Compline

A Message from Revd Norman Steer
New Year’s greetings to you all. Sarah is having a well-deserved break from her tireless work as our Rector during this very
confusing year and has asked me to pen a message for the pew slip. My telephone, email, socially distanced conversations,
letters and cards too, have covered a wide spectrum of emotions, but the one constant has been confusion and doubt. Will it?
Won’t it? Can I? Can’t I? Is it? Isn’t it? People argue and blame, even though their knowledge is limited, often because of
selfish motives. Sometimes when listening to the media, we are left with more questions than answers. The definition of confusion
– ‘uncertainty about what is happening, intended, or required’.
We begin to see all of the things we cannot do, the places that we cannot visit and the friends and family we cannot meet or
hug, how depressing is that and often with no one to turn to?
I would like to offer you something different to think about. Firstly, recalling Sarah’s message of last week, looking at the
positives that have come about despite the effects of the pandemic - love, sharing and caring, the vaccines now coming on
stream and the first tranche planned to be completed within weeks.
(2. Corinthians 1;22)
Let us follow Abraham’s example of faith (you may find it helpful to read Romans, chapter 4 where faith is referred to 68
times!). Faith is not shaped by circumstances. It looks circumstances in the eye and says ‘You can change’. Faith recognises
that things do not always happen quickly. We need to hold onto God’s promises and keep going although it can be difficult
keeping positive, God will not let us down. Faith does not allow for doubt in God’s promises but keeps a hold of them.
Faith though needs strengthening along the way through prayer and encouragement. The Ministry Team is always on hand to
be of help, just give us a call, no matter for what or why.
Brothers and Sisters in Christ, as we continue living through this crisis knowing God is with us, knows us and loves us, let us
love, share and help in whatever ways we can. Please walk tall because God is love and to love means you know God.
God’s blessing to you all with my LOVE