Church of England Diocese of Norwich Dickleburgh with Langmere and Shimpling

This Week

14 Feb 2021, 10 a.m.
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This week's highlights:

Sunday 14th February:  0930 Holy Communion - Pulham St Mary Meeting ID: 852 9045 0677 Passcode: 485680
1000 All Age Worship - Pulham Market Meeting ID: 848 0946 7229 Passcode: 486430

Monday 15th February: 2000 Compline - Meeting ID: 860 0304 7469 Passcode: 319910

Tuesday 16th February: 0800 Morning Prayer - Meeting ID: 889 5407 8825 Passcode: 802183
1400 Guided Meditation Meeting ID: 901 745 1483 Passcode: 7HWk4r
1930 Pulham Market - Bible Study Contact Jaap Biersteker (01379 608539) for details

Wednesday 17th February: 1930 Ash Wednesday - Benefice Communion - Rushall Meeting ID: 843 6272 4111 Passcode: 514052

Thursday 18th February: 1930 Alpha Course - see John Adlam for details

Friday 19th February: 2000 Compline - Meeting ID: 822 2407 8371 Passcode: 935610

Sunday 21st February 2021: 09.30 Holy Communion - Pulham Market Meeting ID and password to follow
1900 Celebration - Meeting ID: 901 745 1483 Passcode: 7HWk4r

A Message from our Rector

This week has been rather different through the arrival of snow. Children, young people and certainly my dogs would describe it as a gift from Heaven! It certainly has made the countryside look much brighter and it has too reminded me of my childhood where snow was a yearly occurrence and there was much enjoyment of sledging and snowball fights .The snow has given a different aspect to lock down and certainly for me it has been a refreshing change. It is at times like these that one is too very thankful for online meetings which means you do not have to risk driving in snowy and icy conditions.

From next week we will once again be observing Lent through another lock down. Traditionally of course Lent is a time to give something up for 40 days and using the time for self-reflection and repentance. This of course is good practise and aids the deepening of our faith in Christ.

Over the last year though all of us in different ways have experienced a ‘wilderness/Lenten experience’ due to the pandemic which ranges from sudden bereavement, financial loss, separation from those we love as well as a heart ache of not being able to be together in person to worship our brothers and sisters in Christ. There is also now the concern and worry of how life will begin again once the pandemic is under control. Life with undoubtedly be different, there will be changes and there will also be many positive and not so positive things to learn.

During this Lent you may feel that it is important to observe the traditional way of observing Lent. However, as this last year has been so traumatic can I suggest that you find things that will uplift your spirits too so that you can be encouraged and find strength to continue to continue to live positively through this pandemic. Give yourself time to reflect over what really ‘makes you tick’ whether that is listening or learning to play a beautiful piece of music, reading, cooking or whatever else.

Finding time for prayer, reflection, Bible study will also help to recharge spiritual batteries and help too to find strength,
encouragement, and inspiration during these strange difficult days.

May God bless you this Lent and may you be nourished by His word and presence.