Church of England Diocese of Norwich Dickleburgh with Langmere and Shimpling

This Week

20 Mar 2021, 10 a.m.
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This week's highlights:

Sunday 21st March: Lent 5 9.30am Holy Communion Readers and prayers from Pulham Market SW  Meeting ID: 848 4695 7246 Passcode: 197505

Sunday 21st March: Lent 5 7pm Celebration Service Meeting ID: 825 0620 8481  Passcode: 714060 - all welcome.

Monday 22nd March: 8pm Compline Meeting ID: 880 7372 0566 Passcode: 121363

Tuesday 23rd March: 2pm Guided Meditation Meeting ID: 901 745 1483 Passcode: 7HWk4r
National Day of Remembrance Service: 7.15pmMeeting ID: 861 0061 6883 Passcode: 300082

Tuesday 23rd March: 7.30pm Pulham Market - Prayers Contact Jaap Biersteker (01379 608539) for details

Wednesday 24th March: 7.30pm Lent Course Meeting ID: 833 8835 1153 Passcode: 603088

Thursday 25th March: 7.30pm Alpha Course - contact John Adlam for details

Friday 26th March: 8pm Compline Meeting ID: 859 6065 9748 Passcode: 462368

Sunday 28th March: Palm Sunday  contact details to follow

9.30am Holy Communion - Readers and prayers from Dickleburgh

11am Morning Service

A Message from our Rector: 

According to the calendar the official start of spring is this Saturday with the equinox i.e., when both day and the night are roughly the same length. The beginning of spring with longer days is a welcome sight after the long dark days of winter and it is lovely to see all the spring flowers in the gardens and hear the bird song once again.
Many faiths do celebrate the start of spring with differing festivals, and it was wonderful to be part of those when I worked within the prison service. The Hindu faith marks it with the festival of ‘Holi’. In India, the festival is celebrated by throwing handfuls of coloured powder at each other and getting drenched in water which results in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours. Sounds great fun but on a more serious note the festival also considers the worldwide celebration of love, friendship and youth.
For the numerically smaller faiths within the prison service these festivals were taken very seriously although there were limits as to what was allowed. The Hindu prisoners were certainly not allowed to throw coloured powder at each other although the kitchen did provide an extra meal for them which always went down well!
What I discovered whilst working in the prison was that many of the faiths shared many of the same values that we as Christians hold although there are also some differences in the way in which they are interpreted. As a Chaplaincy team we did not try to change each other for the beliefs that we had but respected one another for who we were. Our goal was to ensure the needs of the pastoral care of both prisoners and staff were catered for which involved nurturing faith as well as mental and spiritual health. That was our common goal, and it was comradeship and friendship that enabled us as a chaplaincy team to do it to the best of our ability.
Our Benefice too has a common goal to serve and love one another and each community. During this pandemic this has been seen in many differing ways not only within our Benefice but also through all those who have worked so hard to care and look after people  through the NHS, the scientist and researchers who have amazingly developed a vaccine and all the essential workers.
It has been a difficult year for so many people in differing ways and next Tuesday is a national day of mourning and remembrance for the pandemic. There will be a Benefice service to mark this occasion in the evening to which you are warmly invited to attend. It will start at 19:15 and be through zoom. We will aim to finish just before 20:00 when people all through the country are being encouraged to light a candle and placing it for people to see as a sign of respect for all those who have died during the pandemic and you may also want to tie a yellow ribbon around a tree or railings which will be a sign of support for all those who have been bereaved. If you know of anyone who has died due to Covid-19 or who is still suffering from the effects of it, and you would like to be especially remembered during this service then please do let me know.
May you find strength and hope in enjoying the new life that is seen all around us through the beauty of God’s creation and pray for God’s safe keeping of all those who have sadly died due to this pandemic.

God bless.