'Resilience' - what is it, how do we develop it, and where is God in it? No 1 of a 6-sermon series..

Welcome to St Cuthbert's, Colburn, in the Parish of Hipswell, for this first sermon in a 6-part series for Lent, recorded 21st February, 2021. Much has been made of 'resilience' in recent months, especially as we try to survive the global Covid-19 pandemic, and seek to emerge into the 'new post-Covid world'. But what is resilience? In simple terms, it can be thought of 'bounce back', emerging strongly after enduring trauma of any kind. So is it something we're born with, or is it something we can develop, or grow into? Australian author and theologian, Meg Warner, in her recently published book, 'Joseph', unpacks the concept of resilience, reflecting on her own life experience and that of the Old Testament character, Joseph - a cocky young Hebrew, sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, who nevertheless emerged strongly from a series of life-threatening situations to become the second in command to Pharaoh, the most powerful ruler of his age. How much of that was due to his natural entrepreneurial flair, and where did YHWH, the God of his forebears, fit into it all? Today we set the scene, reflect on our collective experience of the traumas of the pandemic, hear a little about Joseph, and think about our own experiences of sibling rivalry and how we dealt with them - if, that is, we grew up with brothers and sisters.

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