Church of England Diocese of Leeds Masham

Local Church goes digital!

21 Jan 2021, 5 p.m.

During this current period of lockdown we are meeting together on Zoom and on the phone for worship, instead of in church.<

For log-in details and also details of Children's activities (Pram Praise and JAM) and our streamed YouTube services, school collective worship etc please see our parish website

As we move into this new lockdown you may be aware that this time places of worship are permitted to remain open for communal worship and private prayer. As the Bishop of Leeds has pointed out ‘can’ does not mean ‘must‘, and after discussion our Church Councils have all reluctantly decided that we should suspend physical gatherings until the end of February. This will be reviewed in the middle of February when we will decide what to do from the beginning of March. I am aware that this will be a disappointment to some people but opportunities to worship together will still be provided on the internet and telephone. This decision has been taken reluctantly but as the national conditions are such that we are being told to stay at home we should not be providing opportunities that tempt or encourage people (often vulnerable ones) to act against that advice and come together. Whilst the protocols we have in place may mitigate the risk to a great extent they cannot completely remove it and we need to remember that every single act adds to the wider communal risk – i.e. we are adding to the local risk by meeting. We have therefore taken this step as an act of care and concern for the wider community as well as our congregations.

Lord God, at this time of pandemic
let us foster respect and solidarity with others, especially those who are weak or vulnerable.
Let us remain calm and ignore unsubstantiated rumours.
Let us attend to moments of prayer.
Let us cultivate responsibility, patience and hope.
Give us the grace to hear your voice,
and the strength to continue working for your kingdom.

May we meet new challenges bravely, sure in the faith that while much is uncertain, and life changes around us, you are ever the same, guiding us with your wisdom and protecting us with your love; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Please check the website for further details.