Church of England Diocese of Oxford Benson

Janaway Lecture - Tuesday 15th May

This is the last of 3 lectures on the English Reformation being

given by Tudor historian, author and broadcaster, John Murphy.

Entitled ͞Gunpowder, treason and plot͟, it will follow its course

from the murder of Lord Darnley, in Kirk o'Field in Edinburgh in

1567 to the activities of Guy Fawkes in November 1605. He will

explore how emergent doctrinal division between Protestants

and Catholics hardened so, that by Elizabeth I's death, the

accidents of succession had defined the substance of an

irreconcilable religious division. John will then consider if there

might have been another, better road to religious renewal and

reform than the one chosen for the English Church in the Tudor

Age of the 16th century. After the talk John will take questions.

Following this there will be complimentary refreshments

accompanied by wine or a soft drink.

Tickets: £7.00 (students and school children £5.00) are available from

Derry’s Den in Benson or by calling 01491 200737/835927