Church of England Diocese of Leeds Woodside

A month of prayer

14 Nov 2020, noon
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On 04 November the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and the Bishop of L:ondon wrote a letter to the nation calling for calm, courage and compassion as the nation enters a second period of lockdown.  The Archbishops also called for November to be a month of prayer.  You can download a copy of their letter here.

At St James' we are responding to the call to pray and as a sign of that commitment the church bell will ring on Sunday mornings and at 6pm on Thursday evenings.  All are invited to join the invitation to pray.  A suggested pattern for a prayer focus each day is set out below, with links to resources on the Church of England website. 

Sunday, Family, friends and loved ones.
Monday, Schools and colleges, children and young people.
Tuesday, The elderly, isolated and vulnerable.
WednesdayBusinesses, the workplace and economic wellbeing.
Thursday, The NHS and other keyworkers.
Friday, National and local government.
SaturdayAll who are grieving and all suffering with physical and mental ill-health.