Church of England Diocese of Leeds Woodside

Little Jim's Play Group - Friday morning term time

Suspended during the Coronavirus restrictions.

Little Jim's is a play group that meets in the Parish Centre at St James' on a Friday morning, 10.00 - 11.30, term time.  All are welcome, entry is £1 for the first child and 50p for subsequent children per week, and includes a snack for the children and tea or coffee for adults. There is always great company, great coffee and great cake.  A word from Sarah who's been coming for a while ...

Q. “What does Little Jim’s mean to you and your family?”

A: “Everything!”

“To expand just a little bit ... Little Jim’s is the play group that runs on a Friday morning in the Parish Centre. Each week we get out a range of wonderful toys and equipment for the littlies to play with – the adults have coffee, tea and wonderful cake. Only that isn’t it. That’s just the start.

“Little Jim’s is a place to celebrate: from that positive pregnancy test, through to successfully breastfeeding, getting them down for a nap, negotiating first steps, surviving whilst the other half is away, weaning, the battle for school places - whatever it may be. Little Jim’s is a place to chat and talk and find out that your worries and concerns are shared by other parents and carers too; to find someone who will pray with and for you. To share stories and advice.

“It’s a safe place where you won’t be judged for crying in a corner because you haven’t slept well for weeks, have leaky boobs and feel like you’re failing your older child or children. In fact, someone will come over and be with you, will offer you a tissue and a piece of cake and listen while you sob.

“It’s a place to make life-long, life-changing friends.

“Little Jim’s is a playgroup, but for me it’s so much more.”