Church of England Diocese of York

About Us

The Church of England on Kingswood is a church without a building. This is intentional. We want to create a church from scratch that works for everyone living here in Kingswood. Life is busy, and sometimes Church on a Sunday morning does not fit.

Our main purpose is to ‘Create the space for faith’ this might mean that what we do may not look anything like traditional church.

Over the past four years Revd Ben has formed new relationships with people living on Kingswood and provided time and space for those people to begin to explore and discover their own faith. Those people now form the community we call the Church of England on Kingswood. A few of them would say that they now have a faith and some will still say that they are working it out. We are happy with that as we see that faith, like life is a journey to be experienced and lived out with others. We don’t have to have all of the answers, in fact we think it’s a bit odd if we do. We are an inclusive community and welcome everybody who would like to journey with us.

You may like to connect with us, and you can do that in a number of ways.

Contact: Revd Ben Norton 07780606314