Church of England Diocese of Oxford Wantage

Interregnum News 1

13 Aug 2021, noon
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Interregnum News

Issue 1

We travel the Interregnum road together with courage, compassion and contemplating future opportunity.

This is the first of what will be an irregular series of updates, seeking to keep you abreast of developments during the interregnum and our search for a new Parish Priest.

The Churchwardens and Bob Chaplow (as PCC Secretary) had a productive meeting at Holy Trinity Church on Wednesday 4th August with the Ven. Judy French (Archdeacon of Dorchester), the Revd Charles Chadwick (Parish Development Advisor), and the Revd John Durant (Area Dean).

We were reassured by the helpful and constructive approach by the representatives of the Diocese, and with their assurances that they would stand with us and support us through the process to appoint a new Parish Priest.

We discussed the process. It is governed by legislation and once it begins, by a formal letter to the Parish, we have six months to undertake the process of consultation, preparation of a Parish Profile (our prospectus to present ourselves to prospective applicants), and to hold two formal meetings (Section 11 and Section 12 meetings).

Our expectation is that the process will commence on 1st September 2021. One of the first tasks will be to consult with the PCC, church congregations and wider stakeholders in Wantage. The consultations will seek to establish a consensus on what we are looking for in our new Parish Priest. The Churchwardens will come forward with proposals on how best to organise these consultations.

The Section 11 meeting is to allow the PCC to appoint its two representatives who will sit on the interview panel, and to approve a final draft of the Parish Profile. The subsequent Section 12 meeting sets the scene for all that follows in the appointment process. The meeting will be chaired by either the Bishop or Archdeacon of Dorchester and attended by various senior members of the Diocesan and Deanery Clergy. This meeting formally approves the Parish Profile, and agrees a timetable for advertising the vacancy, short-listing of applications, and eventually agreeing a timetable for interviews of shortlisted applicants.

We realise the timetable may seem frustratingly slow, but it is a legal process that must be followed to the letter.

This is all the detail we can cover in a short bulletin. If anything is unclear, please ask a churchwarden (Jan Ralston or David Richardson).