Church of England Diocese of Oxford Wantage

Interregnum News 2

24 Sep 2021, noon
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Interregnum News Issue 2

We travel the Interregnum road together with courage, compassion
and contemplating future opportunity

As we move towards our Parish Consultation, it seems a good time for a second update on our search for a new Incumbent.

A Consultation Meeting will take place on the 6th October in the Parish Church. We will come together at 7:00 pm for tea and coffee, with formal proceedings starting at 7:15 pm. We will conclude at or before 9:45 pm. It would be helpful if you could let the Parish Administrator know that you plan to attend (01235 764533), but feel free to attend even if you are not able to let us know.

The meeting is primarily for the Parish family, but we shall also invite other local stakeholders, such as representatives of the Town Council. It will be facilitated by the Revd Charles Chadwick, the Parish Development Advisor for our Archdeaconry. Charles is a wise and prayerful colleague, with considerable experience in this kind of support. He reports to Archdeacon Judy French, who is leading the appointment process for the Diocese.

The meeting will consider:

<ul type="disc"><li>Where we stand today as God’s people in this Parish, following the pandemic and the resignation of Philip Wells.</li><li>Our opportunities and hopes for the future of Parish life in all its forms.</li><li>Our ideas for making those aspirations a reality.</li><li>The part we are looking for our Vicar to play in our future as a Christian community.</li></ul>

We are delighted that Toby Wright, Team Rector in the Benefice of Witney, has agreed to join us for the meeting, to give a perspective on how a parish with a similarities to Wantage has dealt with challenges not unlike our own. Toby grew up in Wantage, as the son of Robert Wright, our Vicar in the 1980s and early '90s.

In parallel, we shall run a Parish Survey (on-line and on paper), presenting the same questions considered at the meeting. This will allow those unable to attend to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Folk who attend the meeting may of course complete the survey too. You might wish to meet in smaller friendship groups to consider a response. We have already received personal written submissions from some members of the Parish family. These will be taken fully into account.

The output from all channels of the Consultation will inform the work of the PCC in drafting a Parish Profile, a sort of prospectus which will be a key element in our search for a new incumbent. We shall report again, in due course, on progress made by the PCC in drafting the Profile and the timetable for the appointment.

Jan Ralston
David Richardson